Ronda Rousey’s Coach Reacts To UFC 193 Critics: ‘She Just Got Caught’

All the things you would hope for Edmond Tarverdyan to say about Ronda Rousey’s next training camp, he does not say. In fact, it’s pretty much the exact opposite…

Ronda Rousey stepped in to the octagon at UFC 193, prepared to make mixed martial arts history. Unfortunately for ‘Rowdy,’ she made the record books for all the wrong reasons that November 2014 evening.

In front of the packed Etihad stadium in Melbourne, Australia, Rousey was smashed to a bloody pulp for the duration of the fight. Her boxing looked sub standard against Holly Holm, but that was the fairest criticism to come out of the pay-per-view main event.


The internet erupted in a crazy stream of hurtful memes and fans rejoicing in Rousey losing her title. Holly Holm had dethroned the original queen of the bantamweights, an it caused a tidal wave of after effects.

Perhaps it was the insane hype train that followed Rousey in to the fight, or maybe the fans that despised her before now just had the first opportunity to really kick ‘Rowdy’ while she was down.

Still, one cold truth remained outside all the jealous hatred and insulting jabs, Ronda Rousey needs work on her boxing in general, the fundamentals.

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Now, for the first time since the devastating loss, Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan has spoke in depth about the loss. Here’s the quotes from that interview, followed by the video:

“It was the biggest loss of my career,” Tarverdyan told ESPN. “You know you won’t ever want that to happen again. So what that means is, I’ve got to work harder. Every little thing I’ve got to be honest with and make sure that we’re ready to go.”

“Yeah there was a lot of criticism afterwards about adding a boxing coach,” said Tarverdyan. “MMA is not a boxing game, but Ronda got caught, and we will be taking advice from boxing trainers. I don’t think it’s…

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