MMA fighter vs. Boxing legend, and it gets ugly…

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. recently ran a contest for fans to fight him in the ring, with the prize of $100K on the line. This time around, the unlucky winner was Vyron Phillips, but it’s not like the 33 year old from Minnesota doesn’t have fight experience.

Phillips is a 5-3 professional MMA fighter with four knockouts to his credit. But even with Roy Jones at 47 years of age, Phillips was no match for the multiple time world champion boxer. Jones Jr. (63-9, 46 KO’s) didn’t take it easy on the poor guy either.

Watch the end of the fight here:

[flowplayer id=”2658″]

Was that WWE commentator Jim Ross I heard there? Anyway, Jones basically made mincemeat of the mixed martial artist, dashing Phillips’ hopes of winning the cash prize. Another example of MMA vs boxing features Fabio Maldonado, an ex-UFC fighter who returned to pro boxing with spectacular results:


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‘The Iron Hillbilly’ scored that monstrous one punch knockout on March 5, the same day as the blockbuster UFC 196 card.

When we are talking about boxing vs MMA, there are many historic fights in the squared circle that get overlooked. With mixed martial arts becoming the leading combat sport in the modern age, it’s easy to forget that some of the most entertaining and record breaking fights have come from boxing.


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