For some reason, every day we come across a new video of someone acting tough and looking for a fight in public. Whether the person is drunk, high on drugs, or just feels he needs to prove himself for whatever reason, these confrontations rarely end well for the instigator.

Take this video for example; a shirtless guy on a train is causing trouble and harassing bystanders. It looks like he has upset more than a few people on the train, one man is using his bike as a shield against the tough guy. The troublemaker is stumbling around as he tries to instigate a fight, he then swings at the man’s bicycle before walking in the other direction. As he is walking away one of the men calls him a ‘weirdo’, he runs back and immediately starts shouting at another bystander.

Watch the video to find out what happens next:

[flowplayer id=”2683″]

Out of nowhere! Where did that guy even come from? He must be a ninja! Well, maybe he’s not a ninja, but he knows how to sneak in for a rear naked choke. He gets a gold star for safely subduing the aggressive bully. The video has gone viral on Facebook, and the hero who saved the day had this to say through a comment on Facebook:


“I didn’t want to seriously hurt the guy. He was in another world messed up on drugs and I just wanted to stop him from hurting anyone. Had him pinned down until the cops came a stop later and arrested him. Just trying to do the right thing.”

Brazilian jiu jitsu saves the day again! It is unknown at this point if the hero trains in bjj or just knew how to sink in a tight choke from watching fights. Either way, we are thankful that nobody was seriously injured and the problem was resolved quickly.

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