Percussive massage guns are handy gadgets used for treating soft tissue soreness, relieving stress, improving flexibility, and so much more. They are becoming increasingly popular among different groups of people to treat a range of issues.

Here we’ll dive into some of the proven therapeutical benefits of massage guns on soft tissue. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who suffers from occasional muscle and back soreness, you’ve come to the right spot.

How Does Percussive Massage Therapy Work?

Percussive therapy treatments have been gaining in popularity across the sports and therapeutic community over recent years. This massage treatment is based on remedying soft tissue soreness and pain using tools called percussive massage guns. The percussive guns provide short, rapid pulses into the body’s soft tissue.

These treatments are also known as “deep muscle stimulation” and can be used for different conditions:

  • Relaxing thick connective tissue
  • Increasing circulation
  • Elongating muscle fiber during spasms and stiffness
  • Break down adhesions
  • Relieve stiff joints
  • Increasing range of movement

Who Can Benefit From Percussion Massage?

Professional athletes typically use percussive therapy massage guns for muscle pain relief after workouts and injuries.

Overall, the best results of percussive massage guns are often seen in intense sports training recovery. A 2020 study showed that five-minute percussive massage treatments positively affect the range of motion (ROM) by 5.4 degrees after a single session. The reason for this lies in the effects of the percussive massage guns on blood circulation, reduction in muscle compliance, but also in pain perception, and boosted relaxation. There’s also emerging evidence of reduced muscle stiffness.

Also, the study suggests using percussive massage treatment as a warm-up regimen for athletes to increase their flexibility.

However, the actual audience for percussive massager guns is much broader than high-level sportspeople. For example, a popular gadget called ExoGun DreamPro is designed for everyday use by everyday people, including those far less active than professional athletes. Anyone suffering from muscle soreness or soft tissue injury can use the massage gun to speed up the rehabilitation process.

Similar to foam rolling, the massage gun treatments produce pressure and friction on the muscle, skin, or fascia. This can further impact fluid viscosity and lead to less resistance to movement.

Percussive massage guns are also excellent stress relievers. Stress comes in many forms, and mental stress can often be caused by a person’s current physical condition. As knots in the spine prevent normal blood flow, it can result in moodiness and feeling stressed out. Treating the knots relieves the area from stiffness and provides users with a sense of relaxation.

In general, people who suffer from muscle cramps, spasms, shin splints, bursitis, tendonitis, and TMJ syndrome can use percussive massage therapy for treatment.

The Role of ExoGun Dream Pro

ExoGun Dream Pro is a portable massager designed for deep-tissue percussive therapy massage treatments. It’s a compact, full-body massage gun that runs on 60lbs of stall force. However, an average user likely won’t have to go half that strong. The best thing about ExoGun is that it’s super adjustable. It has six speeds from 1,200 up to 3,200 percussions per minute. This massage gun is suited for the whole body, head to toe. There are four adjustment heads to apply on different body parts:

  • Bullethead. This attachment is for deep-massage treatments of the soft tissue. They are best used on larger muscles for breaking knots, improving circulation, and easing muscle tension. This attachment can also be used for back muscles but not close to the vertebrae.
  • Ball head. The ball head is the most convenient attachment for treating muscle soreness, such as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after intensive workout sessions. Users looking for instant recovery and those who want to go back to their fitness routine faster will want to take this attachment everywhere. To prevent DOMS, it’s best to use the massage gun right after an intensive workout session.
  • Flathead. The flat head attachment can be used for non-fleshy areas of the body. Best suited to beginners, it’s perfect for shoulder blades and other small surface areas. However, it can also be applied to dense muscle groups.
  • Forkhead. Forkhead attachments are typically designed to treat large muscle groups, but their use goes beyond that. They can also be used for spinal muscle treatment, but special care must be taken when going around the vertebrae.

ExoGun is also portable and compact. It has its own carrying box, no cables, and stable battery life enough for four to six-hour usages per charge.

Percussive Massage Therapy for a Happier Body and Mind

Percussive massage therapy guns have made a big entrance into the therapeutic and sports communities, and it seems they won’t be going anywhere soon. As more scientific evidence emerges proving their health benefits, more people become inclined to use them. Whether it is to treat muscle soreness, relieve stress and anxiety, or as a rehabilitation tool after surgery, percussive guns have something to offer a broad audience.

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