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Boxing never disappoints – no matter what the category or prestige of any individual fight. When you watch two guys just ruthlessly go at one another for up to 12 rounds you either love it or hate it. If you like it, then this is a sport you just don’t want to divert your eyes from. With the development of mobile betting in recent years, boxing and MMA have seen rapid growth in viewer popularity. Things can’t get more exciting than odds on a knockout win, meaning the fighter is knocked down to the canvas but manages to get back up and win the fight. Great odds but risky. As a punter, this is a one in a lifetime bet you want to win. The many odds types unique to boxing and fighting sports have definitely helped to make these sports even more exciting to watch. It also helps to know a bit about the fighters.

There are many ways to rank fighters and we thought it would be fun to try and rank the best boxers according to various aspects of fights. Based on 4 categories – defense, attack, speed, and their ability to deal with pressure, we’ve ranked the best heavyweight boxers.

Of course, some of you reading this may have your own opinions that are different, but that’s the fun of being a fan of any sport. We’ve simply looked at the facts and figures, and used our boxing betting insights to rank each player. Here they are;


As many boxing enthusiasts claim, the best form of attack is having a great defense. If you think about it, it’s true. If you never get hit, your opponent will eventually get tired, frustrated, and that’s where opportunities will present themselves. And out of all of the heavyweight boxers that are currently active today, we feel that there is one that rises above the rest – Tyson Fury. We believe that he is one of the best in this category due to his general style of boxing. Fury is a big fan of the jab and move strategy, which makes him quite hard to lock down and hit, as was demonstrated in many of his recent bouts.

Fury tends to have a great guard on him too, and he rarely allows his opponent to get through this guard and strike him. For quite a big guy, he is light on his feet too, which allows him to get around the ring quickly.


Heavyweight boxing naturally has some super powerful guys, yet in our opinion, one guy operates on another level to the rest when it comes to firepower. The man we are picking for this category is Anthony Joshua. Not only is Joshua an absolute man-mountain, but when he strikes his opponents, he is able to do some serious damage. That is no surprise really when you look at the guy. He’s got arms the size of watermelons, shoulders like a vending machine, and when he manages to get his weight onto his front foot he can be absolutely deadly.

This is backed up by the number of guys he has been able to knockout during his career. We’ve seen Joshua perform unreal uppercuts, throw insane combinations, and just generally overpower fighters at times. For these reasons, he just has to be the best attacking boxer in the world right now.


Although we’ve picked Fury and Joshua so far for defense and attack respectively, we also believe that speed is one of the key characteristics, even in heavyweight boxing. And for this category, we have to award the victory for the Bronze Bomber – Deontay Wilder.

Although Wilder is usually regarded as one of the guys with the most power, it’s actually his speed of movement and combinations that make him quite deadly. We’ve seen this time and time again when he steps into the ring with various fighters.

This was perhaps displayed most explicitly during his first bout with Tyson Fury just a couple of years ago. When he managed to hurt Fury with one of his trademark right hooks, Wilder proceeded to set about Fury with incredible force. The sheer speed of his shots caught Fury off-guard and took him to the ground, and for us, this showed that Wilder is tremendous in this category.

Ability to handle pressure

When a big fight rolls around, you have to be able to handle the pressure, there is no question about it. With millions of fans watching around the globe and a man opposite you that is wanting to knock you down to the canvas, the pressure really can get intense. But we believe that there is one man that controls the pressure and even thrives off it more than anyone else, and we believe this man is yet again – Tyson Fury. Not only has Fury never lost a professional fight, but he seems to be able to stay calm no matter the situation.

Sure, he has had his fair share of rather interesting moments, yet he always seems to deliver on the night, which is truly commendable.

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