Former Pound-for-Pound King Exposes The Dark Side of Boxing

By jason
Former Pound-for-Pound King Exposes The Dark Side of Boxing

Sugar has made some bold claims via twitter

Shane Mosley was once known as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport of boxing. At 44 years old, he is still active in the sport, with a scheduled bout for the WBA Interim Welterweight Title coming up on May 28. Throughout his legendary career, he has never been one to bite his tongue. He recently shared some of his past experiences on Twitter on the subject of fixed fights, steroid scandals, and death threats. Here are some of the best posts from his story.

Mosley resorted to selling drugs to get by early on in his career.

Shane goes into detail about his early career, including his failed bid for the Olympics that he blames on a “new whack point system” and a crazy female who was pregnant with his child. Mosley then admits to selling drugs while working at K-Mart, and apologizes to his father for his actions during that time.

Mosley says that his gameplan was to knock everybody out because the judges were never on his side. Everybody was scared of Shane and nobody wanted to fight him. He angered some of the wrong people in boxing and made enemies by knocking out all of the other up and comers.

“Sugar” was undefeated and knocking out every opponent

At 23-0, Mosley was having trouble finding opponents, things start to get crazy after this post.

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