Shocking Knockout: 68 Year Old Granny vs. 24 Year Old MMA Fighter

By Salvador Sanchez
Shocking Knockout: 68 Year Old Granny vs. 24 Year Old MMA Fighter

This shocking video footage may be disturbing to some viewers, but do not adjust your screens, you read it right. A Grandma fights in the cage at 68 years old. Perhaps equally as shocking is that the OAP also has a Twitter account…

It’s become more and more acceptable for mixed martial arts promotion’s to put on freak show fights. Thanks on the most part to human curiosity and the crusades of Pride FC back in the Japan glory days, fans worldwide will clamour at the chance to watch fights with massively mismatched odds.

O at least the perception of mismatched odds, because a lot of the time it’s the supposedly disadvantaged fighter that comes out on top. So what about the subject of today’s article? It could possibly shock you.

The following footage shows Ann Perez, a 68 year old woman, taking part and getting brutally beaten during an actual mixed martial arts fight with 24 year old Laura Dettman. Check it out:

This happened just this past Saturday (February 20, 2016) and was an amateur women’s strawweight MMA bout.

Yep, apparently SCL doesn’t really care too much about these sanctions and regulations that the major organizations have, and will pretty much let anyone fight in their cage. That said, Perez and Dettman posed for a friendly photo afterwards, but it’s besides the point here.

Perhaps Vitor Belfort is next for Perez? The ageing ‘Phenom’ recently posted an image to Instagram that had the MMA world in fits. Check it out below, followed by an image of Belfort’s body in 2013, when he was riddled with TRT:



The image was shared on Instagram, with the tag line ‘A Lion doesn’t care what the Serpent thinks.’ Quite fitting really, seeing as the MMA world reacted by going nuts over Belfort’s man boobs.

What in the heck is going on in MMA today? ‘The Phenom’ faces primed killer Jacare Souza in Brazil soon, and judging by his physique the fight will go something like Laura Dettman vs. Ann Perez did.