WATCH: Full Phone Smash CCTV Footage Could Send Conor McGregor to Jail

By Darren
WATCH: Full Phone Smash CCTV Footage Could Send Conor McGregor to Jail

It Does Not Look Good for The Notorious… Could This Be What Finally Costs Him His US Entry Permit? Watch the Full Footage of Conor McGregor Stealing and Smashing a Phone Below…

It’s been a busy few weeks for Conor McGregor. While on the plus side he has completed the terms of his plea agreement in New York over the Brooklyn bus incident, he’s been racking up a whole load of other charges. He clearly likes the taste of prison food, because he’s doing the best to get back inside.

The most recent allegation was that he punched a man in the head in a Dublin pub. Before that, the New York Times reported that he is being investigated for a potential sexual assault. However, the case that is active right now is the Florida phone-smashing incident.

Now new footage has emerged of ‘The Notorious’ taking the phone from Ahmed Abdirzak, before going to down on the device valued at about $1000. This CCTV footage was released by TMZ and it’s fairly damning for the volatile Irishman.


While we don’t know exactly what triggered McGregor, this video makes it very clear that the Irishman definitely took the phone from Abdirzak and then stomped down hard on it, before picking it up again and walking away with it. McGregor is facing downgraded charges of sudden snatching and misdemeanour criminal mischief, which he pleaded not guilty to.

The Irishman really needs to learn to walk away though because there is a definite sense of opportunism off of this lawsuit. At the end of the day, it is his own fault though because as a celebrity you have to expect some amount of antagonism. You just can’t go around punching people or steal their phones.


The biggest issue for McGregor is that a conviction could result in him being prevented from entering the United States, which would be a massive blow for his money-making ambitions. With this in mind, expect ‘The Notorious’ and his team of highly-paid – and busy – attornies to fight for a plea agreement.

“A conviction for this offense qualifies as an aggravated felony,” former assistant U.S. Attorney David S. Weinstein told USA TODAY Sports. “It remains a privilege to enter the U.S. and not a right. So if there is a conviction, that will allow U.S. immigration authorities to prevent him from entering the U.S. on a visitor or work visa.”

What Next?

McGregor also retired and unretired in the last week for the second time in his career as well. Fans are getting sick and tired of his actions – as we’ve found out from the Facebook comments saying that ‘no one cares.’ While that’s clearly not true, the Irishman is nowhere near as valuable to the UFC as he was two years ago.

He may yet make a comeback in the summer as earlier predicted, but with serious sexual assault allegations hanging over his head like a storm cloud, the UFC might not be very enthusiastic about having him as the face of their product in the ESPN era.