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1. Ronda Rousey Retires

If Ronda Rousey can defeat Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, it would reignite Rousey as a major star. She would take back her aura of invisibility she had from before her loss to Holly Holm, and set up multiple big-money fights. It would be a huge financial victory for the UFC, and make the landscape of women’s MMA as hot as it has ever been heading into 2017.

Won’t happen though. Nunes is too good.

If Rousey loses at UFC 207, expect her to retire. She has offers from Hollywood and WWE to fall back on, and she doesn’t react to losing well. After all, this is exactly how she handled not winning gold at the Olympics. She simply left the sport.

Whatever happens on Friday, Rousey will always be a legend in MMA. If it hadn’t of been for Ronda we might still not have women fighters in the UFC. For that reason, she will always be a pioneer.
Ken Shamrock was a pioneer too however, and he’s gotten beaten up a lot in his later career. Rousey is probably looking to avoid the same fate.

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