4. Cheick Kongo

Kongo probably isn’t intentionally dirty most of the time, but the guy just can’t stop kneeing dudes in the balls.  At some point you have to say “Cheick, you’re not doing enough to not knee your opponent in the balls.  C’mon guy.”  It just seems to happen every fight.

There was one case where Kongo admitted that he intentionally kneed his opponent in the balls, and that was against Cro Crop at UFC 75.

Kongo gave Mirko a good 4 strikes to the balls with his knee (no point was deducted), but insists the first 3 were an accident.  That fourth one however, that fourth one was on purpose.  Kongo explained

“The last knee in the balls wasn’t an accident because he was complaining about different knees in his balls but they were inside his legs. And that upset me.”

Kneeing someone in the balls really is the perfect response to someone complaining about you kneeing them in the balls.

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