When the stars align, the timing is perfect, these photos were forged in pure unadulterated awesome juice…

Ever seen a photo so perfectly timed, so well placed and interesting, that you find yourself staring at it for a moment, wondering if it’s even real? With all the things that a single snapshot, a moment in time, could capture, when you find one so unique and hilarious that it just strikes a chord, it’s only fair to share it.

Today we have a gallery of six photos that were simply so amazing that it took us a few seconds to take in everything going on. Mainly from the UFC, but also from various other walks of life, here are six photos you may not understand at first, but when you do…


For real bruh?

If there’s anyone that doesn’t have the right to accuse a sport of being fake, it’s a pro wrestling fan. Did you pick up the Royal Rumble tee that this rotund gent is wearing, or see the large advert on the screen behind him?

Perhaps not at first glance, but in the end, you realise how much of a jerk this guy appears to be.


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