Everyone knows someone that is impossible to buy for. And more often than not they are men. With birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Days, Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, and more. Buying for these tricky customers can get harder every year. To help you overcome this, we’ve come up with the top 50 gifts for men at affordable prices.

50 best affordable gifts for men

Here, we break down our list of 50 affordable gifts for men. From food lovers to gamers, boozers to health freaks, and music lovers to hermits. On this list, you’ll find an affordable gift for even the peskiest man to buy for.

For Food Lovers

Everyone loves a bite to eat. And men tend to like to eat more than most!

Cookbook for Men

Give them a push into the kitchen.

Gas Grill BBQ

Everyone loves a BBQ, so why not splash out on a gas setup that makes eating outside easy?

Classic BBQ

For traditionalists, nothing can beat the struggle of a charcoal-powered BBQ.

Meat Thermometer

To get that meat cooked perfectly indoors and out. A meat thermometer can take the taste of meat to the next level. With wireless capabilities and compatibility with Android & iOS.

Sandwich Maker

For the ultimate greasy sandwich maker, for layers of tasty goodness. If a good meal is a way to a man’s heart, then romance will be on the cards with this gift.

Meat packs

Why not stock up the freezer with a beefy good bag, packed full of steaks, burgers, and all things meaty!

Pizza Oven

Nothing beats a wood-smoked pizza. Why not treat them to their own pizza oven for the garden? In these crazy times, we need more ways to enjoy food with loved ones outside.

Pizza Stone

If a full-blown pizza oven seems a little extravagant, why not opt for a pizza stone instead?

The Ultimate Snack Box

For the greedy guts.

Chocolate Party

For someone into Eminem (or M&Ms).

For Gamers

Xbox Gift Card

Show the power of your love with a gift of access to games on the world’s most powerful console.

PlayStation Gift Card

For a choice of games, you still can’t beat the PlayStation.

Nintendo Gift Card

For the active man who loves gaming.

Steam Gift Card

For the recluse who spends all their time gaming online.

SWTOR Gift Card

For the guy that loves dressing up as a Jedi (or Princess Leah).

Battle.net Gift Card

For the guy who is always getting into scraps.

League of Legends Gift Card

For the guy who loves to work with others.

Minecraft Gift Card

For the engineer.

World of Warcraft Gift Card

For the epic adventurer.

Amazon Gift Card

For the board game freak.

For Boozers

This list of gifts works great as a series of gifts over the year or years:

Whiskey Subscription

For the man who loves the finer things in life.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

For the guy who loves to look classy.

Wine Subscription

For someone who is it to award-winning wines

Brewing Kit

For the guy into craft ales.

Bottling Kit

For the guy trying to turn a hobby into a business.

Brewing Liquid

For some who is dark and broody.

Wine Press

For those into brewing up their own wine.

Cider Press

For someone with a passion for cider.

Cocktail Kit

For men who love to shake.

Home bar

For the lazy barman.

For Fitness Freaks

Fitbit watch

Get their heart racing.

Portable Gym Kit

For gym nuts who are always on the go.

Yoga Mat

For eco-friendly earth lovers.

Exercise Bike

For the (pre-disgrace) Lance Armstrongs out there.

Running Shoes

For Forest Gump types who just keep going.

Skipping Rope

For someone who drives you bonkers.

Protein Powder

For the man who loves to bulk.


Superfood for Supermen.

Ab Stimulator

To give a man a helping hand with his six-pack.


For someone who loves to look pumped.

For the Outdoor Type

Fishing Rod

For someone you want to get out of the house.

Hiking Coat

For the person you love to go walking with.

Walking Boots

Keep your man’s feet warm with some snazzy boots.

Cooler Bag

For the person you always want to picnic with.


For birdwatchers.


For someone who can carry your stuff.


For someone you want to get jiggy with.

Climbing Gear

For the intrepid adventurer.

Water purifier

For the traveler.

The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

For someone who was born to live outside.

Some of these gifts might push against the limits of affordability. But we can guarantee there’s a gift that will please even the toughest customer on this list of the top 50 affordable gifts for men.

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