Champ Chris Weidman takes Instagram swipe at UFC 181 title ...

Just when you thought that cheating in the UFC was beginning to be under control, ex-champion Vitor Belfort drops the bombshell…..

Former UFC two-weight champion Vitor Belfort has become one of the most controversial MMA fighters ever. His shady history of steroid abuse, and testosterone use is well documented, and he failed his first ever drug test while still a fighting teenager.

His storied career has seen him fight all over the globe, even with the world’s largest promotion at the turn of the millennium, Pride FC in Japan. Having always been known for his killer hand speed and knockout power, ‘The Phenom’ has some serious highlight reel finishes to his credit.

So why all the ruckus about his drug test history now?? The answer lies in Belfort’s ever changing physique. The end of the TRT era saw Belfort come back for his fight against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 187 this summer, and he looked like a welterweight.

Now booked in to fight Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 77 this month, the Brazilian talent is once again looking bulky. BUT, there’s no TRT or the chance of him using anabolic steroids with the new stricter USADA (United States Ant Doping Agency) testing, so what’s the deal?

At his age, Belfort should not be producing enough testosterone to be making such huge gains in lean muscle in short periods of time. So what’s the secret?

Belfort claims to have found a ‘legal’ drug, which he reveals in the video on page three….

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