Tim Kennedy has NO CHILL. He may not have fought in the UFC octagon for a while, but the army veteran and hired gun is still very active in the war on terror…

Well known UFC and Strikeforce veteran Tim Kennedy has been on a break from mixed martial arts competition for a while now. Since the Reebok deal came in to effect over at the UFC, the special forces sniper has looked to pursue a different kind of mission.


The popular middleweight fighter has gone back to his military roots as of late, even launching his own TV show where he hunts war criminals across the globe. That said, the biggest threat to Kennedy has not come from abroad r in the octagon recently, but from terrorists allegedly on his soil in the USA.


Reports just last week indicated Kennedy had been receiving threats from members of the radical Islamic terrorist group ‘Isis.’ Kennedy later confirmed the news, also revealing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had warned his of the threats by Isis.

Your average Joe would be scared stiff if this happened, but Kennedy isn’t your average Joe. The special forces veteran, who is combat tested, took it all in his stride. He even went on TV shows to blast the terrorist group as ‘cowards,’ hinting he had enough fire power in his house to deal with any type of threats.

As if that weren’t enough, the travelled MMA star has now taken it a step further. Bringing out his own authentically branded T-Shirt with a clear message to the members of Isis that want his head.

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