The First African Champion… Kamaru Usman is the New King of the Welterweight Division After Putting in a Dominant Performance Against Tyron Woodley…

We’ve never seen anybody just take control of Tyron Woodley like this. Kamaru Usman is the new UFC welterweight champion of the world after totally dominating ‘The Chosen One’ in an incredibly physical performance. This one of the most dominant victories of the year, as ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ answered his critics in resounding fashion.

The major debate coming into this one was whether or not Woodley is the greatest welterweight of all time. Usman put a sharp dent in that conversation by using his incredible wrestling to totally nullify the champion, and preventing him from putting any meaningful attack together.

Watch as the UFC’s first African champion overwhelms Tyron Woodley in highlights from his remarkable victory. It’s difficult to imagine anybody who will beat him in the near future, with his style being the ultimate nightmare for everybody in the division.


Woodley had no answer for Usman’s pressure. ‘Marty from Nebraska’ moved forward ominously, forcing Woodley up against the fence. He then proceeded to unleash body shots to Woodley’s exposed ribs, slowing down the champion. ‘The Chosen One’ had the best takedown defence in the division coming into this fight but was taken down multiple times by the challenger, which in itself was outrageous.

Two of the rounds were scored 10-8 by two of the judges which just shows how dominant this performance was. If Marc Goddard hadn’t kept separating them – what was that about? – it would have been an, even more, wrestle heavy show. In the fourth round, there was a blazing exchange between the two men, with Usman savaging Woodley with uppercuts.

Beast Mode

Usman’s cardio was unbelievable as he kept up a pace that Woodley just could not cope with. Woodley’s corner told him in no uncertain terms that he had to go forward if he wanted to win, but he just wasn’t able to change the habit of a lifetime and kept backing off.

The threat of his patented power hand kept Usman fighting smart, but in truth, it never looked like Woodley had a chance after the third round. He had a couple of guillotine opportunities that didn’t come off against Usman’s overwhelming onslaught.


During the fight, Dana White could be seen talking to former interim champion and everybody’s least favourite person, Colby Covington. On Usman’s way out of the cage, he exchanged a few fiery words with the most delusional man in MMA. Usman was guided away by security, with one of the guards trying to calm him by reminding him that he had just won a title.

Usman is now riding a ten-fight win streak in the UFC. Arguably it also makes the division more interesting because it opens up the opportunity for Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, Woodley’s teammate Ben Askren, and the likes of Darren Till to work towards a title shot in the near future. We could also see the UFC’s first show in Africa too… but don’t expect to see Covington on that one.

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