WATCH: Cody Garbrandt Starts Firefight… Gets Melted AGAIN

By Dazzler

Why Cody? Why? The Former Bantamweight Champion Threw Caution to the Wind Against Dangerous Top Contender Pedro Munhoz… It Ended Very Badly…

Cody Garbrandt went 11-0 before running into his former teammate TJ Dillashaw. His first six fights in the UFC were all victories, including an incredible performance against Dominick Cruz to win the bantamweight title. Now at the age of 27, with three straight knockout losses, he is at a crossroads in his career.

The UFC really wanted him to win this one. They went down the Ronda Rousey return route of overpromoting him ahead of his opponent at UFC 235 Pedro Munhoz. His face was on all the posters. But once again he demonstrated a severe lack of fight IQ, despite his undeniable phenomenal athleticism.

Watch the clip below of how Munhoz bided his time, luring Garbrandt into throwing down in the centre of the octagon. It all ended badly for ‘No-Love,’ who is set to slip way down the bantamweight ladder.

Dumb Move

While it is phenomenal to watch the action above, you just can’t overstate how dumb it was of Garbrandt to stand and bang with Munhoz the way he did. The first four minutes of the round was fairly tentative, as both men sized each other up. Garbrandt clearly is a superior athlete, but Munhoz is a very skilled technician.

You could make the case that Garbrandt was just ahead towards the end of the round. In the last twenty seconds, he loaded up a flying knee and then decided to stand and trade with Munhoz. The two men took turns swinging wildly at each other’s skulls, playing a game of the last man standing.

Garbrandt’s chin was once again called into question, after Munhoz cracked him, dropping him to the canvas. He followed up with some ground-and-pound and it was all over.


When asked by Joe Rogan if the game plan was to lure Garbrandt into a firefight, Munhoz replied with an instant yes. He commented on how Garbrandt is a hothead and a very emotional fighter. Once again, he let his emotions get the better of him and it has now cost him severely. Munhoz said:

“That was it, that was the game plan. Everyone thinks I am a grappler, that ’s where I came from, but I have been training for years with some of the best boxers in the world. I knew I could take more, take one to give another one back, and I knew when I came back I could knock him out,”


These two fighters look like they’re going in vastly different directions. Garbrandt has lost twice to TJ Dillashaw and once to Munhoz by KO in his last three, so he needs to take some time and think about what changes he needs to make to his fighting style. A month in a Tibetan monastery might be good for him…

Meanwhile, Munhoz called for a title shot. It’s getting tight at the top of the bantamweight division with Marlon Moraes having the biggest claim for a championship fight, and Henry Cejudo another option to face TJ Dillashaw.