Tito Ortiz Announces that He’s Back in Action to Fight Chuck Liddell and Finish Their Trilogy…

It’s official: Tito Ortiz is out of retirement and plans on fighting Chuck Liddell, under Oscar de la Hoya’s new MMA promotion. Nothing has been signed yet, but the intention is clear because Ortiz has just announced it on Instagram. Either it’s true or he’s just trolling the MMA world

Even ten years ago this could have been a great fight. That would have meant that Chuck Liddell would have been a sprightly 38, but no longer the UFC light-heavyweight champion. After their second fight in 2006, Liddell would only win one of his last six fights, against Wanderlei Silva.

Ortiz last fought in January 2017, beating Chael Sonnen. He’s a former fan-favorite, renowned for his colorful life outside the ring, including his former marriage to adult film star Jenna Jameson and his intense fallout with UFC president Dana White. Now, he’s back and ready to fight.

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Ortiz Returns

Let’s be real: both of these men are trading on past glories. Ortiz lost 8 of his last 12 fights. This is the second time that he’s returned from retirement. After a two-year hiatus, he returned in 2014 to fight for Bellator. He’s written a lengthy post on Instagram explaining his return. He wrote:

“I want to give the fans the fight they have been waiting for #TitovsChuck3 #Redemption thanks to @primetime360esm with @get_repost Tito Ortiz is officially out of a year long retirement. While on @BitetheMic with @MikeTyson and @Tattootheone Tito was asked if he was going to fight @chuckliddell

Tito replied why doesn’t @OscarDeLaHoya@GoldenBoyBoxing get into #MMA and promote the fight. Oscar should promote it and give the fans what they want Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell 3.”


Too Late

Give the fans what they want? Really? This in no way intends to disrespect either of these fighters, both of whom are UFC Hall-of-Famers and members of the golden generation. However, it’s 12 years since they last fought. Liddell is 48 and hasn’t fought since 2010. He got knocked out in the first round of his last two fights.

Ortiz is only 43 and is at least more recently retired, and finished on a high with 3 wins from 4 in Bellator. However, this doesn’t really mean anything because he’s been off having a good time. There’s a strong argument to be made that this fight is just too late and that with two losses to Liddell under his belt, what has Ortiz got to gain by beating him?



UFC President Dana White has already made it clear that he’s not impressed by the idea of his friend Chuck Liddell being lured out of retirement, with all of the damage he’s already taken in his career. You get the feeling he won’t be so worried about Ortiz.

Oscar de la Hoya is the real winner in all of this. He knows that people are going to watch it for the novelty factor. It will probably be available on pay-per-view. It’s basically a more streamlined way of standing in the town square with your pockets open.

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