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Hardcore El Cucuy fans might not like to hear this news but Ferguson is out of his prime. He is not the same fighter that most contenders used to fear, during his run he was called the boogeyman of the division for a reason.

Is Tony Ferguson the Candyman of the lightweight division?

If you are locked up in the cage with a prime Ferguson, you would likely get out with your face busted up. Some people are still thinking what could have happened had a prime Tony Ferguson vs a prime Khabib Nurmagomedov happened.

Many would criticize that Ferguson looked slow and had no answer to Oliveira’s grappling but he is already 36 years old during that fight. Even Khabib said that the current Ferguson would not be considered Elite mainly because he is now too old to compete with the top contenders of the division.

Ferguson came from a 12-fight win streak, now he is on a 2 fight losing streak. With the way UFC is cutting guys that are old and on a losing streak, there is a possibility that UFC would cut Ferguson if he loses against Dariush and is not an easy task. Dariush is riding on a 6 fight win streak, and is now a slight favorite to winning the fight.

Although Dariush has not fought someone that is as good as Ferguson, and if compare their resume it is not even close. Ferguson had wins over elite contenders like RDA, Barboza, Lee and even Cerrone.

It will be an important fight for both fighters, Ferguson is fighting for his UFC career, while Dariush is fighting to become considered an elite contender. The fight is scheduled to be the co-main event of UFC 262, mainly because Edwards vs Diaz pulled out of the event.

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