Top Five Most Disgraceful Moments in MMA History


Ray Mercer owns Tim Sylvia

It could be considered controversial to have this ranked so highly, or to be ranked at all.  It shouldn’t be surprising that Ray Mercer, who was 48 at the time, would be able to knock out Sylvia, but that it happened is sort of a black eye on the quality of striking that exists within mixed martial arts.

The easy knockout win for Mercer showed how inferior MMA striking is to boxing in truly embarrassing fashion.


Of course this fight needs to be compared with Randy Couture’s 1st round submission over James Toney at UFC 118.  Some could argue that Toney getting a semi-main event spot in his 1st ever MMA bout is a little disgraceful, but it was done because Dana White wanted to shut him up, as Toney had been publicly stating he could beat any of UFC’s top fighters in a mixed martial arts bout.

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