Top Five Most Disgraceful Moments in MMA History

Putting together a top five list for most disgraceful moments in mixed martial arts history is tough, and bound to lead to some disagreement.

A note about a few incidents that didn’t make this list:

Paul Daley’s sucker punch on Josh Koschek didn’t make the list, because it’s hard to fault someone for wanting to punch Kos at any given opportunity.  That’s not to say Koscheck isn’t/wasn’t a great fighter, but he has a way of always getting under his opponent’s skin in fights (for example when he fought Chris Leban from TUF 1) and then proceeds to take his opponents down, hang out on top and win a decision.  Not to say that with his wrestling background he shouldn’t fight that way, it’s just that his attitude and fighting style was going to get him punched after a fight eventually, Daley just happened to be the guy to finally do it.

Also not on this list is anything that Rousimir Palhares has ever done.  The reason for this is that one could simply create their own list for Palhares, and that wouldn’t be fair to the other shameful fighters on this list.

Also off this list is anything that occurred outside of a mixed martial arts event.  The disgraceful moment must have occurred during the course of a mixed martial arts event.

That means Joe Son’s arrest for rape and murder is not eligible, but the time Keith Hackney punched him in the nuts at UFC 4 is.  Rampage Jackson’s literal rampage through the streets of LA in his monster truck is not eligible for this list, but the time Kalib Starnes spent an entire fight running away from Nate Quarry is.

Here are the top five most disgraceful moments in MMA history.

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