One of the most prolific strikers in martial arts history, Cung Le…

Mixed martial arts has grown so much now that fighters come from all walks of life. Some fighters have found success coming straight from the streets, others have more traditional backgrounds. Over the years, wrestling, kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu have proved as highly effective bases for MMA.

Much like Bruce Lee taught, the most efficient martial art is a blend of all the arts. Still, watching athletes who specialise in a particular field is highly entertaining. One such fighter with wicked talent in striking is former Strikeforce middleweight champion and UFC veteran Cung Le.


Cung Le

Entering the realms of MMA with a background in Sanshou, Kickboxing, Karate and Wushu, Cung Le was one of the most devastating strikers in combat sports history. In particular, Le’s kicks were feared.

It wasn’t only Le’s kicks that were brutal, he also scored some harrowing knockouts with his hands too. For today’s article, we’ll look at the Top Five Cung Le Knockouts from his MMA career.


Cung Le vs. Scott Smith 2

After suffering an upset loss against Scott Smith in their first fight, Cung Le wanted to set the record straight. During the rematch that happened six months later, the Vietnamese martial artist did just that.

Le’s loss to Smith was his first as a professional, and though he took it humbly, he clearly wanted to run it back. At Strikeforce ‘Fedor vs. Werdum, Le vs. Smith 2 served as the second fight on the stacked main card.

After a tough first round, Le came out hunting for the finish in the second frame. Rocking Smith to the body, Le finished with a brutal spinning back kick followed by a knee and punches on the ground.

Skip to the 4:20 mark for the finish…

YouTube video


Cung Le vs. Brian Warren

In just his second professional MMA fight, Cung Le faced 15-fight veteran Brian Warren. From the opening bell it was clear who had the better striking, and Cung Le capitalised early on.

As Warren taunted and claimed he was not hurt, Le remained focused and uncorked a hard combination of punches. The final strikes buckled Warren, and he fell to the canvas in a world of hurt.

Skip to 4:10 for the heavy hands…

YouTube video

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