Top Ten Worst Post Fight Interviews Of All-Time

By Gentleman Jeff
Top Ten Worst Post Fight Interviews Of All-Time

Having post-fight interviews immediately after an emotionally draining physical war is a great way to create interesting television. Some sports actually have a rule that athletes must be given a “cool down period” after competing before being interviewed by media, basically allowing them to calm down and thus not say things quite as stupid as they would otherwise. No cool down period in the UFC, which means a lot of stupid stuff has been said.

A lot of the post-fight interviews listed here could just as easily be described as amazing post-fight interviews, and in fact the line between amazing and terrible in this context is a little blurry. In these cases the interviews were so bad that it kind of made them awesome.

Here are the 10 worst (and maybe best) post-fight interviews of all time…

10. Ben Rothwell UFC Fight Night 68

This was so awesome and so terrible! Last summer, Rothwell evidently decided that he was going to make himself a little bit more marketable by cutting a dramatic, and crazy over-the-top post-fight interview. After defeating Matt Mitrione in impressive fashion, he gave an uncomfortable sounding rant that seemed to imply he felt unseen forces were holding him down, and then let out a bad guy villain laugh for some reason. After he did that he then he just gave a normal post-fight interview. Ben Rothwell everybody!


9. Karo Parisyan Sings About his Judo Throws (UFC 71)

Unfortunately it appears that the UFC has scrubbed all clips of this occurrence from the internet, possibly not wanting anyone to remember it happened (although it is on Fight Pass). It did live on as a sound clip that was heard frequently while playing an old version of the UFC PS4 game however.

The movie “Borat” was very popular at the time, and following a UFC victory Karo decided to use one of the songs Borat sang in the movie, and put his own words over top. The result was that Karo sang the lines “My judo throws are the best, best throws in the world. All the other throws are done by little girls”. Great stuff Karo!

It was his post-fight interview after beating Josh Burkman at UFC 71.