What makes Conor McGregor so endearing to fans is his ability to become a crossover star. McGregor has dibble-dabbled in everything from video games to boxing. His popularity is through the roof and that’s why he now commands top dollar.

Everyone wants a piece of him.

Recently, it has been UFC lightweight kingpin Eddie Alvarez who called out McGregor, looking to put his title on the line for a huge payday, one that McGregor is known to bring.


McGregor Beat Aldo at UFC 194 to Win the Featherweight Belt

McGregor has many options following his UFC 202 victory over Nate Diaz, but he hasn’t made his decision known yet and only those in close circles know what’s going through his mind.

One of McGregor’s many options is to return to the 145-pound division where he holds the UFC featherweight belt. He lifted the strap from former champ Jose Aldo last December, but hasn’t defended it since.

Many are calling for McGregor to be stripped of the title for his unwillingness to defend it. And while UFC President Dana White says he won’t yank the strap back as of yet, the longer McGregor stalls the more likely it becomes.

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