WATCH: Jorge Masvidal Gets Fans to Fight on Stage

It’s Jorge Masvidal’s world and we’re all living in it. He’s due to fight Nate Diaz on Saturday night in Madison Square Garden. The pair are set to duke it out for the hotly anticipated BMF title. Although it’s only an honorary title, it’s captured the imagination of fight fans around the world.

‘Gamebred’ has had an incredible year. He’s knocked out both Darren Till and Ben Askren in spectacular fashion. The latter is a KO of the Year contender. In short, Masvidal smashed his opponent with a brutal flying knee. It was all over in a crazy five seconds.

Now, Masvidal is in Las Vegas. Today he put on the best open workout of all time. Don’t even try to argue with it because there’s no competition. He literally started his own fight club before the UFC shut it down. Check out the brilliant footage below. It is magnificent.


The biggest question on everybody’s lips is how did this last so long? Instead of training in front of his fans and hitting pads like most people, Masvidal had another idea. He decided to get his supporters to fight each other. There were multiple ’bouts’ between willing members of the public.

Masvidal ensured that they only threw body shots. In fairness to the men who stepped up, they followed his instructions and put on some entertainment. You can see the best match-up above. First of all the guy in yellow throws a spinning back fist to the body. The other guy then starts to impose his physicality. It’s entertaining.

Shut Down

However, the UFC moved in. Finally, they intervened and shut the spectacle down. You can’t blame them because this was a lawsuit waiting to happen. That’s the sad reality of today’s world. But it’s a much better open workout than when Colby Covington turned up with porn stars.

Masvidal tried valiantly to keep it going, but of course, there was always going to be a lifespan on this madness. There were no waivers signed so it was a dodgy territory. You’ve got to love it though. Let’s see if ‘Gamebred’ can do more damage on Saturday night in New York.

Massive Fight

Masvidal says that every fight is the biggest of his life. The only reason why the BMF title is the biggest is because it’s happening right now. In his media scrum, he revealed that he’s planning on causing as much damage as possible. It’s nothing personal to Diaz, in short, it’s just business.

“It definitely has a special place. Not because it’s at MSG, not because of the BMF title,” he said. “It’s just because of the guy I’m fighting. If I was fighting him in a parking lot or in his backyard, it’s the fighter that I have to cross that makes my moment.”

“I’m there to hurt every second of every minute of the round,” he said of the damage he plans on inflicting on Diaz. “If he survives what I give him, my hat’s off to him. But there is a dog here and when this dog gets tired, he bites more. I’m not going to take a step back… Once that cage is locked, I only know one speed.”

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