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Conor McGregor has had a wild week. He expects to fight again on January 18th in Las Vegas. This news has set his fans’ hearts pulsing. McGregor remains the biggest draw in the sport. At this moment, Donald Cerrone is the frontrunner to fight the Irishman.

However, it’s not all rosy in his world. That’s thanks to two alleged sexual assaults. The New York Times explicitly linked him to the investigations. That’s definitely not the best way to get fans on side. Plus, his online presence has started to rub a lot of fans up the wrong way. He hasn’t fought for over a year. In short, that has damaged his credibility.

Now he’s facing a threat from another direction. The entire state of Dagestan appears to have declared war on him after what he said about the Russian territory. It’s got so bad that his hotel is literally on lockdown. Furthermore, armed security are accompanying him everywhere.

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If you say that you wouldn’t even sh*t in a country, then you can understand why they won’t like you. Two men entered McGregor’s hotel in Moscow with bad intentions. This resulted in the hotel going under lockdown. Over 100 people surrounded the hotel. Some were fans of the Irishman, but others made their feelings very clear about him.

A Dagestani man confronted McGregor during an open workout. After an angry back-and-forth between the two, the man threw a bottle at the Irishman. ‘The Notorious’ has been very respectful about Russia during his time there. But you can’t call him a hypocrite. His feelings about Dagestan are very clear.

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Under Way

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White has confirmed that negotiations are underway. However, neither party has agreed on terms at this stage. McGregor automatically makes things more difficult. The Irishman is notorious for being difficult to deal with. White said:

“Yes, we will have a fight card in (Las Vegas), but we’ve got to get it done. The fight is not done yet, you know? (McGregor) had a press conference and announced he was coming back, but no deals were done. No fights are done. No contracts have been signed. But yes, that’s what we’re looking to do.”

If you’re a fan of McGregor, then this will be music to your ears. If you’re not then it’s time to look away now.

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Going Down

One man who is confident of a red cowboy hat night is Donald Cerrone. This fight will change his life if he gets it. So of course, he is pushing for it.

“I think it’s going to happen this time,” Cerrone told TMZ. “I really do. Conor is really serious about making a comeback. I think Conor’s side and our team have both reached out and are trying to figure it out,” Cerrone said. “Looking good, though.

“This is going to be a huge fight, a huge money-maker. I don’t understand why UFC wouldn’t want to be engaged in it. It’s the fight everyone wants to watch. He’s the best in the business at talking sh-t, so it should be fun. We’ll see how crazy he gets. It’s gonna be a fun fight. He’s a great fighter.”

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