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Is Jon Jones Just Going to Keep Testing Positive for the Rest of His Career? Fans Are Not Impressed With the Light-Heavyweight Champion’s Latest Results…

Jon Jones’s latest test results have come back atypical again. However, this isn’t bothering USADA or the Nevada Athletic Commission who will allow him to fight against Anthony Smith this weekend as planned. The NAC was the commission who refused to licence him to fight in their state at UFC 232, forcing the UFC to move the entire card to The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Jones is one of the most controversial fighters on the roster because of his combined success and recent drug test failures. Fans appear to be split into two camps. Many believe that he is the greatest ever to step into an MMA cage. Others think that while he is extraordinarily talented, he can never be considered the GOAT because of that asterisk beside his name.

Check out some of the fan responses to Jones’s latest unusual test results below. There’s a mixed reaction, however, many appear resigned to the fact that it’s one rule for him and one rule for everybody else.

Not Impressed

As you might expect, a lot of UFC fans were quick to criticise the four-time light-heavyweight champion. There were a huge number of negative comments, with lots of people clearly still believing that he is using PEDs. USADA are adamant that this is not the case. Check out some of the comments below?

@NicoHermosilla: “For Jones “ATYPICAL” means clean”

@Nova_Diddy “So this metabolite only “pulses” within a month of his fights?”

@Hideaway314: “Just comes with the territory now, if you wanna fight Jones, gotta fight him juicy.”

@RenoeTheNinja: “The only fighter ever to be allowed to continually fail drug tests with the excuse of, ‘It will never fully leave his system.”

@ANDAZ2k_19: “Jon has now had 10 failed drug tests… make of that what you will.”


Other fans were more defensive of Jones and tired of hearing about this scenario happening over and over again. It is news though people – if every fighter was allowed to compete with abnormalities in their test result then guess what: they’d be called normalities. Check out some of the pro-Jones responses below:

@colin99222 “If its the same long term shit metabolite, why bring it up again and make a big deal about it again.”

@ZoolanderCZ  “This is nothing new, has been covered, it doesn’t impact his performance. But stupid people still don’t understand that and will think this is him getting busted again even though they knew it was there before the test. Smh.”

@seagoatsanctid: “It’s always going to be there and this is progressively becoming non news.”

Doesn’t Matter

There are two major conclusions we can take from this. The first is that people have some seriously weird Twitter handles. The second is that Jones is just going to keep testing positive and it really doesn’t matter anymore. That’s going to have major implications in the future when somebody else is in the same situation.

Anthony Smith has confirmed that he has no issue fighting Jones whether or not he is clean. ‘Lionheart’ has received a lot of love in the last week from fans. Can he shock the world?

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