Floyd Mayweather May Be Training in MMA Just to Get Away From His Furious Protege Gervonta Davis…

Floyd Mayweather has been a busy man since his retirement in August 2017. When he’s managing his strip club Girl Collection in Las Vegas, Nevada, he’s either been traveling across Asia or stirring up rumors that he’s going to fight under MMA rules. However, all is not well in the Mayweather camp.

Earlier this week ScrapDigest reported that Gervonta Davis’s relationship with Floyd Mayweather had taken a turn for the worse. Now the two-belt super featherweight champion has upped the anti and targeted his promoter and mentor with a series of tweets.

Davis is the current WBC featherweight champion. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, he’s one of the most exciting young fighters on the planet. With the undefeated, 50-0 legend Mayweather as his promoter, you’d think this was a match made in heaven. Nope. There’s a lot of problems going on behind closed doors, and Davis isn’t hiding them anymore.

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The 23-year-old is beginning to think that Mayweather is motivated by money rather than his young fighter’s own personal success. Guess what? Of course, he is. ‘Money’ has been resentful ever since Davis refused to move from his native Baltimore to Las Vegas, where the Mayweathers are based.

Davis targeted Mayweather in a series of angry tweets. He’s already released an Instagram post earlier this month, condemning his promoter for making him take fights he didn’t want. Especially the IBF title fight against Franciso Fonesca, which he was stripped of because he missed weight. Davis wrote:

“Why everything I do this man want to tell Al everything, I buy something he wanna tell…I do something in my personal life he wanna tell..but don’t support me when I fight! SMH. Take pics of my tags to see where I get my car from and see how much I paid for it and everything.”

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While that’s slightly confusing to try and decipher, it’s very clear that the unbeaten young boxer is not impressed with his boss. How do we know that it’s Mayweather he is talking to? The best bit is yet to come. Davis made it clear, doing everything except naming him:

“I’m under someone that just don’t want to see me win.”

Wow. That’s pretty direct. Shade has been thrown and it doesn’t look like Davis is done yet. Mayweather has yet to respond and it will be fascinating to see how he reacts to his best young fighter stepping out of line like this and openly showing disrespect.

Moving Up

The young champion is being heavily linked to a fight against one of the other great featherweights on the planet. Mikey Garcia is a potential option. He’s been in contract negotiations with Zuffa Boxing – owned by the same group as the UFC. They’ll be watching Davis’s situation with interest too as they try to sign a star name for their brand.

Vitaly ‘Hi-Tech’ Lomachenko is another potential option. The Ukrainian just became the fastest man to win belts in three weight divisions, when he beat Jorge Linares in Madison Square Garden last weekend. Any fight against Lomachenko is a major risk though. The man is elite.

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