When the UFC signed a deal with Reebok and essentially banned fighters from crazy walkouts, many believed it was taking from the sport but this latest video from Brazil suggests the UFC got the decision spot on.

When Aspera FC 38 rolled into Sao Paulo last weekend, nobody could have expected the show they were about to witness. Gabriel Macario took a page out of Anderson Silva’s book, by dancing his way to the cage. While ‘The Spider’ was famous for his walkout, dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’, Macario took it to a new level.

YouTube video

22 year old Sao Paulo native Macario, was 4-1 heading into the bout last weekend. Coming off a loss in his last fight, Macario was looking to impress not just inside the cage but apparently outside the cage too. In a sport where a good record isn’t enough to get you noticed, Macario has made himself a very exciting prospect just through his walkout antics.


Check out Macario’s walkout and KO by clicking below:

According to MMAFighting, the walkout was inspired by Brazilian internet sensation Carreta Furacao.

The walkout didn’t seem to distract Macario however, as he earned himself a stunning KO inside two minutes against game opponent Juliano Militao.

Macario moves to 5-1 with the win and has never had so much attention on him. He will be looking to put another couple of quick wins together, while he is in the spotlight and possibly get signed by a big promotion.

Unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to do anything like this in the UFC, were he to be signed by the promotion but I’m sure the Brazilian prospect would trade in his walkout antics to compete at the highest level.

We look forward to more of the same from Gabriel Macario.

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