UFC 202 is the next big pay-per-view event for the promotion. The UFC is sparing no expense in making an incredible promo video.

The next time we see a UFC pay-per-view event it will feature one of the most highly anticipated rematches of all-time. Yes, of course we are talking about Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor at UFC 202.

Nate Diaz slaps Conor McGregor during their thrilling encounter at UFC 196
Nate Diaz slaps Conor McGregor during their thrilling encounter at UFC 196

Cast your minds back to March 5 when Conor McGregor fought Nate Diaz in a last minute welterweight affair. After the lightweight chap at that time, Rafael dos Anjos, had pulled out of the event many feared the PPV card was doomed.

In stepped Nate Diaz to save the day, but he did not play by the script. Instead of acting as a stepping stone for the promotion’s biggest draw, the Stockton bad boy went out to the UFC octagon with plans of his own.


Diaz mowed down the Irish star a blaze of glory, leaving fans and critics astounded at the result. But their rivalry was not over by a long way. McGregor would demand an mediate rematch, and so it was made for UFC 202 eventually.

Capitalising on the booming success of UFC 196 would be a smart move by the UFC, but NOBODY expected the immense promo video they released today…

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