There’s been a lot of debate recently about the safety of combat sports. Mixed martial arts in particular has come under the microscope, and the recent debate in New York showed how little people truly know about the sport.

With some senators equating MMA to porn, it’s clear they have little to no knowledge about it. But boxing and MMA have taken a little too much abuse from these kinds of people over the years. Especially when sports like this exist:


This is the European sport of Calcio Fiorentino. It’s an early form of Football (called Soccer in the US) that was devised and widely played in Italy. It was reserved for the rich aristocrats of that era.

The rules are simple; get the ball from your end of the pitch to the opposing team’s goal. On the way you can pretty much do anything to stop the other team, including all out fighting. Chokes, punches, kicks, slams are all good.


In the 1930’s the sport was revived and renamed ‘Kingdom of Italy.’ The number of players on each team has no limit, but their combined weight must not exceed 2000lbs. For obvious reasons this sport is highly dangerous.

The videos you are about to see are also seriously entertaining…

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