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Conor McGregor’s Erratic Behavior and Mannerisms Before UFC 229 Have Been Called Out By Joey Diaz… 

The outcome might not have been any different even if he was at 100% sharpness, but there is no doubt that Conor McGregor was not himself at UFC 229. During the fight, he was unusually timid and flat-footed. His characteristic click movement and uncanny ability to cut angles just weren’t there.

However, his pre-fight appearances were arguably even more questionable. The Notorious was very jumpy, with jerky motions and at times seemed to be out-of-control with an abundance of energy. While he’s always been polarizing and energized, one thing McGregor has been well known for is his self-control. It wasn’t there in the press conferences against Khabib.

Now comedian and podcaster Joey Diaz has questioned whether or not McGregor was actually on drugs prior to the fight. The Cuban-American has a history of drug abuse, only getting clean from cocaine in 2006 after one of his cats ingested the powder and died. He’s offered his expert opinion on McGregor.


Diaz called out McGregor’s erratic behavior. Speaking to former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, and comedian Luis J. Gomez – who have their own MMA podcast called Believe You Me – Diaz explained why he knew McGregor was going to lose. He described how strange McGregor’s press conference in New York was:

“I saw the New York City thing and between you guys it was the residual of something. He was just talking… I don’t even know what was coming out… when he pulled out the vodka bottle… it was something that… you know that they said Jon Jones tested for cocaine before a fight? I’m waiting for a test result to come back. Because he was acting very cocainish at the New York press conference.

And then at the weigh-in, when he went to push his hand and he saw that Ivan Drago’s hand didn’t move… once 50 people were around him he got tough and he threw that little half effect sidekick. It was the worst kick I ever seen in my life. When I’m ten feet away the kid (Khabib) didn’t react to him, the kid was mentally prepared. The kid didn’t even understand what the f**k he was saying half the time, that’s what he had in his defense.”

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This isn’t the first time that McGregor has been accused of drug taking. It was widely reported – though never proven, that he was under the influence of cocaine when he charged into Brooklyn’s Barclay Center and threw a dolly at the bus carrying Khabib and other fighters at UFC 226.

He also spent a weekend at a house party in Liverpool, where it was reported by the Liverpool Echo newspaper that his security forced all attendees to turn over their phones. Once again that proves nothing.

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Money Money

What we do know is that McGregor has a lot of money and likes to enjoy himself. He’s currently off on a tour of America as he promotes his whiskey to the masses. His loss to Khabib really doesn’t seem to have affected him at all. McGregor is still living in his own moment.

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