Insane Footage Has Emerged of a Legendary 83-Year Old Man Fearlessly Fending Off Armed Attackers at a Bookmakers in Ireland… 

It was just another day in Glanmire, County Cork, Ireland. Just a sleepy little town, nobody could have suspected what was going to happen next, least of all octogenarian Denis O’Connor, who was just spending his Saturday laying on a few bets.

However, his quiet day would soon be interrupted in a way he could never have predicted. An armed robbery began, but O’Connor would fearlessly react in a way few people would ever have the bravery to do. It just shows that age is absolutely no barrier to being a tough son of a b***h.

Below is the unedited CCTV footage from Bar One Racing in Glanmire, which shows just how insane the situation was. Three armed robbers enter the bookmakers, but they leave with their tails between their legs. Enjoy.


As you will have seen if you watched the footage, this is a full-scale armed robbery. One man is carrying what appears to be a shotgun – guns are very heavily regulated in Ireland – while the other two men are aggressively wielding hammers. All have their hoods up, faces covered and are wearing gloves.

Post offices, bookmakers and shops are regularly targeted by armed robbers in rural Ireland, as well as the homes of the elderly, because of severe cuts to police force spending and the closure of police stations in the countryside. Sometimes a brave citizen just has to react themselves.

Screenshot: Youtube.

No Fear

Despite having a sawn-off shotgun pointed at him, O’Connor showed absolutely no fear and went to the aid of the bookmaker’s manager Tim Murphy who was targeted by one of the hammer-wielding thugs. Using only his bare hands and a bar stool, it was an incredibly selfless act. Most people would either freeze or freak out in that situation, but not Murphy.

Then, with the robbers realizing they had been rumbled, they turned on their heels to leave. However, Murphy wasn’t finished, giving one a hard boot up up the backside as he left. You couldn’t have made it up any better. The world would be a better place with more people like him.

Screenshot: Youtube.

Total Respect

Murphy’s bravery could even see him win an award. Chief Supt. Barry McPolin said that after the investigation is concluded that will certainly be considered. While the police officially advise people not to engage with armed robbers for their own safety, they did show their appreciation for Murphy’s courage under severe pressure. The Garda (the name for an Irish police officer) said:

“It’s good to see that the robbery was prevented. But the consequences, the outcome, could have been so much worse. Our advice to people is, do not take on people who come in to commit a crime.”

A full investigation is underway as we speak. At present we are concentrating on getting the culprits and when we have matters fully investigated and hopefully a successful outcome to it, due consideration will be given to the recognition of the contribution of Mr O’Connor in this respect.”

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