WOW… This Was One of the Craziest Knockouts of the Year So Far… Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Just Got Melted by a Ludicrous Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis Superman Punch…

It’s been a strange few years for Anthony Pettis. The former lightweight champion has fought the top fighters of his generation but looked to be past his best over the last couple of years. True his previous fight before this main event showdown in Nashville, Tennessee was a violent barnstormer against Tony Ferguson, but he hasn’t ever looked like getting back to the top.

Now though that could all be set to change after a ludicrous welterweight debut that saw ‘Showtime’ melt Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson with a quite frankly insane superman punch KO. This is the Stephen Thompson who had never been knocked out in his career.

Check out the insane finish below in what has to be one of the craziest knockouts of the year so far. Jorge Masvidal suddenly has competition.


This match-up was basically guaranteed action between two of the best stand-up martial artists on the entire UFC roster. ‘Wonderboy’s’ Kenpo Karate background gives him a distinctive style heavily influenced by points fighting. Even when he doesn’t win, he’s still incredibly difficult to his because of his constant switching of stances and quick movement.

Round one went to Thompson. His tricky movement and seemingly unlimited armoury of kicks that included hook kicks, turning kicks, back kicks and side kicks caused major problems for Pettis who was also bloodied by a pair of punches straight down the middle.


The KO came in the second round. ‘Wonderboy’ appeared to be working his way towards a comfortable decision, but you cannot count out a fighter as slick and creative as Pettis. Backed up against the cage, he bounced off the fence and unleashed a devastating superman punch that was swiftly followed up with heavy hammer fist strikes. Thompson was out for the count in one of the most frightening knockouts of the year so far.

It’s not the first time Pettis has used the cage to his advantage. Who can forget that incredible ‘Showtime kick’ against Benson Henderson? Time will tell if he’s back to his best, but you can bet he’s going to stick around at welterweight for a while longer. Pettis became only the third fighter after Conor McGregor and Kenny Florian to get wins at 145, 55, and 70. ‘The Notorious’ even congratulated him and welcomed him to the exclusive club on Twitter.


For Thompson, this knockout is the most devastating result he could have received. We’re not just talking about his rattled brain cells. With a new champion in Kamaru Usman, there was a final opportunity for ‘Wonderboy’ to create some momentum and surge towards a title shot again. Now though it looks like that is gone forever, and one of the best welterweights of this generation is going to be consigned to gatekeeper status.

For Pettis, there is a massive opportunity. He called out former lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos, who is also now peddling his trade at 170lbs. That would definitely be a pragmatic shout. However Ben Askren tweeted this, and it’s captured our imaginations:

“I know everyone wants to challenge @TheNotoriousMMA , but I always thought him vs @Showtimepettis would be freaking awesome.”

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