The Notorious is back and with a bang. After over a year on the sidelines, Conor McGregor responded to his critics in emphatic style. He fought Donald Cerrone in the main event of UFC 246. The big question was whether or not the Irishman would be able to compete with the same hunger after so long on sidelines.

In short, McGregor answered with a savage display of efficient violence. He brutalized Cerrone from start to finish in arguably the most one-sided beatdown of ‘Cowboy’s’ career. Check out the highlights of the brilliant win below. There really isn’t much to watch because this was over and done within half a minute.

Of course, the big question is who will McGregor fight next There’s a whole army of people out there looking up at the biggest draw in MMA. He’s planning on fighting three times this year so it will be interesting to see who is next for the controversial Irishman.


McGregor came straight out with a heavy left hand. Cerrone ducked under and got him in a clinch. But that was the beginning of the end for ‘Cowboy’ because the Irishman utilized his shoulder in an extremely effective style. He let loose with three shoulder strikes, breaking Cerrone’s nose in the process. Nobody expected that.

From there it was always going to be tough for Cerrone. Nose breaks cause your eyes to fill with water, so perhaps he was unsighted for what came next. McGregor found his cheek with a massive head kick and sent Cowboy stumbling. Then it was a series of vicious strikes that found their target. Herb Dean gave Cowboy every chance to get back up. All he could do was cover up so the referee stopped the fight.

What Next?

Of course, this is MMA so nobody can wait and just talk about now. We’re all concerned with what comes next. Realistically it has to be Jorge Masvidal. ‘Gamebred’ was sitting cageside in a Versace robe, with no shirt underneath and his BMF title slung over his shoulder. Surely, that would be the most viewed MMA fight of all-time if it went down.

The Notorious refused to name a specific opponent. Khabib Nurmagamedov is probably the other most likely name right now. He’s been promised a rematch with the Russian if he won this fight. And he won in brutal style. Would this version of McGregor be able to compete with ‘The Eagle’? Only time will tell.


One thing that is clear is that McGregor has regained his focus. He looked sharp and ruthless against Cerrone. It will be fascinating to see how long his current demeanor lasts. This match-up with Cerrone has been extremely respectful but you imagine if Masvidal gets the call it will be a very different story. McGregor already called him a ‘fool in a housecoat.’

Even if you hate him, you’ve got to admit that he’s box office viewing. There was no title on the line tonight but it still felt bigger than most bouts with actual belts involved. That’s the power of McGregor.

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