Conor McGregor Has Met a Real Tiger For The First Time in Russia… And He Looks Delighted…

If there’s one thing the Notorious loves it is powerful animals. Lions, tigers, gorillas… once it’s a massive predator you can bet that Conor McGregor loves them, and probably want one etched into his skin. That huge gorilla chest tattoo is his most iconic, but he also has a tiger surrounding his navel.

The Irish former UFC double champion is currently in Moscow, Russia, as an invited guest of Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin. The Football World Cup Final took place in the Luzhniki Stadium last Sunday, and McGregor controversially met the President and watched the match.

He’s still in Russia and clearly very much enjoying the opportunity to make the most of his photograph opportunities with all the mad stuff he’s encountering. One of the most powerful leaders in the world? Check. A Siberian tiger? Check.

30 and Flying

Conor McGregor turned 30 last week and shows no signs of mellowing with age.  His long-term girlfriend Dee Devlin revealed she is pregnant for the second time, which might make some potential fathers take a break from rushing all around the world. But not McGregor.

As you can see from the clip above, he’s very clearly enjoying his time in Russia. A video is going viral where he hand-feeds a tiger on a leash. McGregor is smiling like a child –  a bit nervously because it is a massive tiger. Of course, this is a wonderful photo opportunity so he strips off his shirt and poses with it. Has to be done.


Not surprisingly, this has created even more controversy. There was already a backlash towards The Notorious after he met Putin and called him “one of the greatest leaders of our time.” Obviously, the Russian President isn’t known for his human rights values. Gay people and political opponents are frequently criminalized and repressed across Russia.

It’s insane then that McGregor has managed to annoy animal rights activists in the same week. How does he do it? Is there anyone else left that he offend? Maybe if he makes a cameo in a Star Wars movie. Fans of that saga tend to be an unforgiving group.

YouTube video

Fight Time

Don’t forget that Khabib Nurmagamedov was also present in his native Russia, where he too attended the World Cup Final. Putin is a massive fan of combat sports and martial arts in general. He’s a black belt in judo and uses the sport to help further his strongman image.

Meanwhile, MMA is huge in Russia. Conor McGregor has received massive offers including Russian citizenship in the past. His friend and training partner, Artem Lobov, has caused him to develop his interest in MMA even more.

It’s highly like that the Irish fighter will take on Khabib later this year in Las Vegas. He is expected to resolve his legal situation by the end of July. Once that mess is behind him, expect the UFC to act quickly so that they can begin hyping his return.

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