Seven Fighters With The Most Drug Test Failures

For most MMA fighters, one drug test failure is enough to scare them away from PEDs for life. In some cases however, it is only after their 2nd drug test failure that fighters really begin to go clean. In fact there are several fighters tied with 2 drug test offences, too many to include all of them in this article. Only a rare few have flunked more than 2 drug tests.

Robert Drysdale failed 2 drug tests in 2 UFC fights, and was let go from the company. Stephan Bonnar also flunked 2 drug tests in his UFC career. Matt Riddle really didn’t want to give up his marijuana habit, and he left the sport after 2 drug test failures.
We decided that those cases weren’t particularly interesting enough for this list however.

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There are also some notable exclusions on this list. The biggest might be Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, who has technically only flunked one drug test.

Let’s start things off with a fighter who is generally considered the poster-child of PED-use, perennial contender, Alistair Overeem.

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6. Alistair Overeem (2)

Technically, Alistair Overeem has only ever failed two drug tests. His head size suggests he could have flunked many more however.

Mark Hunt threatened to sue Overeem if he failed a drug test for their UFC 209 bout. He didn’t, and he beat Hunt as well, propelling him back into title contention.

For his first UFC fight in 2011, Overeem flunked a drug test when he failed to provide the commission with an adequate urine sample. A second sample was provided through his physician, but this too was not deemed an acceptable sample. After that, Overeem got on a plane and left the country. Somehow, he was still allowed to face Brock Lesnar that December.

His second failed drug test occurred before his 2nd UFC fight. Overeem had more than double the allowed testosterone to epitestosterone ratio and he was suspended 9 months. He also was pulled from his planned title shot against Junior Dos Santos.

Since moving his camp to Jackson-Wink however, Overeem has yet to fail a test.

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