Conor McGregor is Back in the Gym and Focusing on Grappling… What Does This Mean?

‘The Notorious’ is back training in SBG Dublin, under the watchful eye of coaches Owen Roddy and John Kavanagh. The Irishman hasn’t fought in the octagon since 2016 when he defeated Eddie Alvarez to become the first UFC fighter to hold two belts at the same time.

Since then, he’s fought twice. Once against Floyd Mayweather in August of last year and then against a bus a few weeks ago. However, he’s expected to make his return this year and by the looks of it, he’s stepping his training up a gear.

McGregor is expected to fight Khabib Nurmagamedov in a lightweight super clash. The Russian became the new lightweight champion after beating Al Iaquinta at UFC 223. No other fight makes sense for the pair right now, because of their ongoing beef. It’s the biggest potential fight in MMA today.


There’s definitely bad blood between Nurmagamedov and McGregor. Their rivalry has been simmer for months but escalated when the ‘Eagle’ and his team tried to intimidate McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov. McGregor took that as a declaration of war and literally flew 20 goons over from Ireland by private jet.

Of course, we all know what happened next. Now though it looks like the Irishman is training with a specific style in mind. He’s definitely focusing on grappling techniques, which is massive because Khabib is arguably the most effective wrestler in MMA today.

He doesn’t complicate things. No, he drags you to the floor and rains down hell from above. It’s brutal, harrowing and demoralizing. Many people believe that it’s McGregor’s worst nightmare.

Head Control

From the Tweet above you can see that McGregor has been working his grappling over the last couple of weeks, focusing on controlling the human head. The head is the single heaviest part of the human body. Where it goes, the rest of the body will instinctually follow.

Now McGregor has released a new video, this time on Instagram of him sparring in the gym. It actually looks like he is trying to emulate Khabib, as he rains down punches on some poor young fellow who is trying to cover up underneath him. I’m not sure how effective this is – but hey, I’m not a double UFC champion.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


The most important thing is that the Irishman is back in the gym. He’s had a strange few months, with $100 million going to his head. Now it’s time for him to get back to what he does best and remind the world that he is actually a brilliant fighter.

The UFC is working on Nate Diaz vs Georges St. Pierre. It’s not unrealistic that the winners and losers of both of these fights will face off against each other next. Exciting times are ahead for the UFC and Mr. McGregor. Assuming he doesn’t end up in jail of course…

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