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Nick Diaz Has Laughed Off Tyron Woodley’s Win Over Darren Till and Has Sent the Promotion a Message…

Tyron Woodley successfully defended his welterweight title, for the fourth time, against fast-rising UK challenger Darren Till. It was an extraordinarily dominant performance by the champion, and timely because it reminded the world that he is an incredible athlete and a dominant fighter.

Most of the fighters and general audience were very impressed by Woodley’s performance. After effective but arguably unexciting matches against Stephen Thompson and Damian Maia, this was a hark back to his title charge. However, Nick Diaz was definitely not entertained.

The Stockton native hasn’t fought for three years, with his last fight coming back in 2015 against Brazilian legend Anderson Silva. However, it would end in tears for both men after they were hit with bans for PED use, and in Diaz’s case marijuana use. In the footage below you can hear him air his grievances.

No Respect

It’s clear from the video that when this footage was taken, Nick Diaz was off having a good time somewhere. His language is very slurred so apologies for that. Basically, he has very little time and respect for Till’s caliber as a top-class opponent. He said:

“I’ve never had an easy fight in my life… you fight that kid? I wouldn’t take one… Stop making bulls**t fights for these guys? Y’know what I’m saying?”

Got a Point?

In fairness, Diaz might actually have a point. There’s little doubt that Till was pushed very quickly for the title fight. He wasn’t actually meant to fight against Woodley – originally it was former interim champion Colby Covington who was given that shot. However, after ‘Chaos’ had to get nasal surgery, Till was handed the shot, despite missing weight in his last fight.

Till has beaten high-profile opposition in Stephen Thompson and Donald Cerrone. However, at the relatively tender age of 25, he could arguably have done with at least another fight or two before going for the title. The UFC needed their main event though, and there’s no denying that he has a magnetic personality.

Come Back

Meanwhile, it seems like Diaz has finally got his own house in order. After charges of domestic assault against him were dismissed, he now looks set to return to action. He’s openly said that he wants to come back, so hopefully he will be around some time this year.

Younger brother Nate will headline UFC 230 in Toronto against dangerous lightweight contender Dustin Poirier. It’s good to have the Diaz brothers back.

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