Darren Till Sends Snoop Dogg a Furious Response After The Rapper Mixed The Liverpool Star Up With Colby Covington…

Rapper Snoop Dogg is notorious for his dubious fight commentary. He’s attracted a massive online following as people enjoy his analysis of UFC fights in Instagram clips. However, he has managed to seriously annoy several fighters in the process.

He has gone after Daniel Cormier in the past – stupid when you realize that one of DC’s legs is thicker than Snoop Dogg. He’s also elicited a furious response from Matt Brown of all people, who said he might just punch the rapper, after a tirade about Conor McGregor.

Now, he’s managed to rattle Darren Till’s cage after possibly the most biased commentary you’ll ever hear in your life. Till wasn’t impressed – especially because he seemed to mix the British star up with Colby Covington. Yeah, that would definitely annoy me too.


Wakanda Forever

In the footage above, you can hear Snoop Dogg get very excited. He goes off on a mad rant, dropping references to the Marvel film Black Panther and took time to diss US President Donald Trump – which seems to confirm he mixed Till up with Covington. He said:

“Yeah, the gorilla done ran up on King Kong, Tyroooon Woodley! Beat his ass! F**k Donald Trump!! F**k Donald Trump! Beat his motherf**king ass! F**k Donald Trump, n***a, beat his ass! For all the n***as out there, whoop his motherf**kin ass!! Beat his motherf**k, this motherf**ker, cuhh! Fuck Donald Trump! Whoop him!! Whoop him, cuhh.”

Choke the dog s**t out of him! It’s the dart, they call this the dart (choke)… Tap this n***a out. Tap his ass out. Tap his bitch ass out, n***a. Yeah n***a, Black Panther, ni**a. WAKANDA, TAP OUT, NI**A!! WAKANDA, NI**A!! Wakanda forever! Fuck Donald Trump, n***a, you ain’t no gorilla. You’s a f**king ding dong. Meet King Kong.“


Furious Response

Needless to say, Till is not amused. He was well-beaten by Woodley, who managed to submit the Scouser in the 2nd round of their UFC 228 main event, which took place in Dallas. It was easily ‘T-Wood’s’ most impressive title defense to date. Till responded:

“S**t happens, well done @twooodley. You will all see me very soon! @snoopdogg you’re a f**king bitch, F**k You!!!”


It is entirely fair for Till to be annoyed by Snoop Dogg’s words. The rapper isn’t the one who has to stand in front of one of the most dominant champions in the UFC today. He got mauled and his championship dream was crushed.

Suddenly, you have Snoop Dogg thinking you’re Colby Covington? Is there anything worse in this world, after getting choked out? Add Till to the growing list of fighters who don’t like Snoop Dogg.

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