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The Headline Says it All… This is One of the Weirdest Scenarios You Will Ever See in MMA…

The regional game is a wonderful place. We’ve seen some absolutely bizarre events take place over the years and yesterday yet another gloriously weird scenario happened at Colosseum Combat 45, in Kokomo, Indiana.

When we think of journeymen the likes of Conor McGregor’s pal Artem Lobov pops into our heads. With 14 wins and 14 losses, he isn’t the shiniest of records, but that’s because he’s been around the block many times, taking fights he shouldn’t have. The likes of ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, Roy Nelson, and many other fighters are similarly active.

Well, sorry guys, you haven’t got anything on these two bad boys. Travis Fulton and Jonathan Ivey were scrapping in a heavyweight clash that got very weird. With records of 253-54 and 32-56, this was their combined total of 396. That’s a lot of fights. And it can be guaranteed that none of their previous ones went like this. It got weird.

Fake Heart Attack

As strategies go, faking a heart attack is a new one on me. Ivey stood in the center of the octagon, grasped his chest like it was about to explode, with Fulton and everybody watching – and everyone who has watched since – absolutely bemused. This was some weird stuff.

Then Ivey charged forward and went on the attack. He managed to drop his opponent to the ground and began to rain down heavy hammer fists and punches, like a vastly overweight and badly tattooed Khabib Nurmagamedov. Beautiful stuff.

At this point, it looked like the referee was going to intervene. He didn’t. Fulton hung in desperately and managed to get back to his feet. At this point, the fight reached peak weird. Ivey tapped out and walked over to his side of the cage, leaving everyone clueless. Was he injured? Did he gas out?


Allegedly, Ivey has a tonne of respect for the vastly experienced warrior that Fulton is. So much so that he has a tattoo of his opponent on his leg. Yes. I’m not making this up. He didn’t exactly enjoy raining down down fire and fury on his downed opponent, and when the referee failed to intervene, he took it upon himself to save his frenemy.

The whole heart attack situation brings back memories of that horrific fight between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 when the latter actually suffered 2 cardiac arrests in the octagon. Oh and renal failure. At least Ivey was just pretending and this fight was somewhat entertaining. Somehow I don’t see Daniel Cormier using this strategy against Stipe Miocic next week.

Bad Referee

If anybody can be criticised after this fight it should be the referee. He let Fulton down by not protecting him. Yeah, he’s fought so many times that there probably aren’t that many brain cells left to damage, but still, he didn’t do his job properly. Remember Roy Nelson giving the referee a kick for not intervening sooner against ‘Bigfoot’ Silva?

Oh MMA is such a weird and wonderful sport.

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