Conor McGregor just got knocked out cold by FOX Sports…

Known for his quick wit, Conor McGregor often destroys his opponents in the mental game. Trashing and mocking his foes, they are often considerably weakened before entering the octagon.

Obviously very few fighters can say they’ve achieved what McGregor has. In terms of his two-weight title run, nobody has. ‘The Notorious’ makes history in many respects, but boxing is the hot topic right now.


Many feel McGregor has the best boxing in MMA, this may well be true. How this would translate to the word of pro boxing, however, is another debate. Having been linked to a boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, this question might be answered very soon.

Meanwhile, McGregor released a video of him sparring today. The clip went viral very quickly, but a lot of fans were quick to criticize his skills. Appearing with his hands down and eating some punches, McGregor’s boxing style was trolled by many.

FOX Sports Destroys ‘The Notorious’

Responding to McGregor’s video, FOX Sports absolutely laid in to the Irishman. ‘Jay & Dan posted the following video to their official Facebook page, and it’s damn hilarious.

Check it out:

Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

“Me and Floyd have got to get together and talk and figure it out the same way him and Manny figured it out,” McGregor said. “Once we come to a number, once we come to a set number that I’m happy with, that he’s happy with and then we go to the customers. Then we go to the promoters, the buyers and then we get it done. That’s next.

“I’ll go to Vegas, I’ll handle the commission or we’ll figure that situation out and then we’ll come to a dotted line and then we’ll go, but this is happening.”

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