Too Far? 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather’s Beef is Continuing And It’s Just Taken an Interesting Turn…

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather really don’t like each other. Anyone who has been following their Instagrams will realize this. They’ve been beefing over the last couple of weeks with a back-and-forth that has varied between being absolutely hilarious, to insanely disturbing. Both men have gone too far multiple times and show no signs of slowing down.

While starting the rumor that ‘Money’ can’t read or write is a very solid reason for the boxer to hate 50 Cent, their latest feud has another origin. Basically, Mayweather hired singer/model Teairra Mari to perform at his strip club Girl Collection – after 50 Cent was sued for sharing an explicit image of her on Instagram.

The rapper has decided to try and turn Mayweather’s own crew against him. He posted an image of Gervonta Davis on his Instagram and warned the young man to be careful of his boss. You can see the picture below.


Gervonta Davis is one of the most exciting young fighters in the world. The Baltimore native is widely seen as Mayweather’s protege but has a much more offensive style than his mentor. However, he also has a very tense relationship with Mayweather because he feels he’s been forced into fights he didn’t want. This has resulted in public outbursts. 50 Cent recognized this and posted:

“There’s something about @gervontaa That reminds me of Tyson he got that killer in him. If it wasn’t boxing, it would be armed robbery.I can see it i told him be careful with Floyd. he get mad over little shit then start talking about putting him in dog fights all kinda foul shit. I know it sound crazy Champ is a winner, but he don’t like other winners around it take the light off him. get the strap”


It’s really quite amazing that two multi-millionaire superstars, in their 40s, have nothing better to do than insulting each other online. After Mayweather revealed 50 Cent had herpes, the rapper responded by revealing that ‘Money’ had slept with the wife of murder/suicide Earl Hayes. That’s dark.

Oh and let’s not forget Mayweather’s domestic abuse in the past. It’s very difficult to tarnish someone when you’re a convicted woman-beater. Fact.


Of course, this could just be how they both chill out. Both men have been busy pursuing business deals over the past few weeks. Mayweather has opened the first of his new trademarked gyms, in Los Angeles, and hopes to open over 500 worldwide. If you’ve got the money you can open a franchise yourself.

It’s going to be fascinating to see the next couple of twists and turns in their relationship. What a pair of fellows. Just kiss and make up.

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