Who Doesn’t Love a Good Brawl? Today’s Video Comes From China Where a Bunch of Taekwondo Students Got Battered by Some Gym Rats… Check Out the Footage Below…

One of the biggest arguments people in the combat sports world have is how effective are traditional martial arts in street fight situations. There are loads of stories out there about MMA fighters beating up Tai Chi masters, delusional ‘Kung Fu masters’ and McDojos that give them a bad name.

A lot of these stories come from China. While it has an incredibly rich martial arts history of its own, it also has its own fair share of frauds pretending to be the real deal. This time we see a bunch of Taekwondo students get beat up gym rats.

Taekwondo, of course, comes from Korea but is one of the most popular martial arts on the planet. It didn’t work too well for these guys though. Check out the footage below.

Noise Complaint

According to the South China Morning Post, this brawl erupted after a noise complaint in a shopping mall. The students were there to perform a public demonstration in a bid to attract newcomers to their ‘dojang.’ However, they attracted some attention they didn’t want.

Some gym trainers in the mall were upset because the Taekwondo practitioners were being too noisy. So they came out to complain. The gym trainers decided that the best way to silence the noisy martial artists was by beating them up.

The Taekwondo students were no match for the gym instructors and you can see them laid out on the ground, rolling around in agony after the fight. Don’t take it at face value though, it looks like the Taekwondo guys all flopped to the ground so that they wouldn’t get in trouble. This probably didn’t help them sell the Korean martial art as a viable self-defence system. If you’re in the Shanghai area, I wouldn’t bother training with them.

YouTube video


We’re not having a go at Taekwondo here though. It’s a fantastic martial art. Many of its practitioners have superb fitness and flexibility because of its emphasis on dynamic kicks. Will it work against a trained MMA fighter? Unlikely because it’s not versatile enough. Will it work on the street? Possibly, if you have enough room to move and time to react.

Traditional martial arts help to teach discipline and are great for fitness and putting you in control of your body. That’s a great thing and they still have a place in the world. Just don’t think you’re in a movie.



Traditional martial arts have a habit of getting brutalized in China. The infamous Xu Xiaodong, AKA Mad Dog is on a vendetta against so-called ‘fake masters.’ Footage of him beating a Tai Chi ‘expert’ went viral in 2017 and he’s carried on his one-man war.

He brought down the fury of many Chinese people down upon him because he is seen to be disrespectful. Traditional martial arts are rarely questioned. You always get found out eventually though…

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