Jon Jones is the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion – AGAIN… He Finished Alexander Gustafsson in Round 3 of their UFC 232 Main Event… Is He The GOAT?

It’s all over now. Jon Jones is back with a belt around his waist after finishing Alexander Gustafsson in the third round of their main event at UFC 232, in Inglewood, California. He finishes the year as a four-time UFC light-heavyweight champion and has never been defeated in a title fight.

There was so much controversy coming into this. Jones’s credibility as a clean athlete was questioned after the whole Nevada testing debacle. This resulted in the entire UFC 232 card being moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to California on just a week’s notice.

In the end, it came down to the battle between two men locked in a cage. Jones proved that there are levels to this game as he outclassed ‘The Mauler’ to consolidate his status as one of the greatest fighters in the world and reminded the world just how good he is.


Jones stuck to his gameplan and fought out a tactical masterclass. In the first fight between these two men, Gustafsson was able to use his boxing to great effect causing ‘Bones’ more damage than he’s ever taken in his career. The New York native wasn’t going to fall for that this time though. He kept ‘Gus’ at kicking range, landing sniper-like kicks to the Swedish fighter’s body.

It was the story of the first and second rounds as Gustafsson struggled to get going. Mike Beltran intervened after Jones connected with a low kick – the dark arts are forever going to be a part of his game, while ironically, ‘The Mauler’ caught Jones with an eye poke in the second.


Clearly, Gustafsson was bothered by the leg kicks as the fight went on. He got cracked with some hard shots, and the end came in the third round. Jones landed a takedown after ‘Gus’ went in with a left hook. He slipped from half-guard to side-control, to take the Swedish fighter’s back with ease.

Jones had Gustafsson in a crucifix briefly but managed to gain a top position and from there had his challenger trapped, as he unleashed heavy, brutal ground-and-pound. Mike Beltran was left with no choice but to intervene, as Gustafsson was left defenceless. It will be hard to take for ‘The Mauler’ but at the end of the day, Jones was the better man.


Now that Jones has shiny UFC gold around his waist again, it remains to be seen whether or not something really stupid happens to get him stripped again, or if he will fight against the likes of Brock Lesnar or Daniel Cormier. He wants to secure his legacy and make a lot of money – even though he says he’s financially secure enough never to fight again.

Lesnar would be a freak opponent and there are too many things we could say about PEDs, so we’re just going to leave that there. The real fight is Daniel Cormier at heavyweight. We’ve seen him win twice at 205, so having the battle at the UFC’s top weight-class would add a new dimension. Also, if ‘DC’ is retiring, surely the UFC would like to see Jones as the double champion and the face of the organization?

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