WOW… One of the Most Shocking Moments in MMA History Just Went Down… Jorge Masvidal Crushed Ben Askren With One of the Craziest KOs of All Time…

Jorge Masvidal made no secret of the fact that he doesn’t like Ben Askren. The Cuban-American’s star has never been higher after he crushed Darren Till with a sensational KO in London. Askren was his natural next opponent and you won’t believe what ‘Gamebred’ just did to ‘Funky,’ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Askren is a former ONE Championship and Bellator welterweight champion. Before being traded with ONE for Demetrious Johnson he was regarded as the greatest fighter never to fight for the UFC alongside the great Fedor Emelianenko.

Masvidal and Askren finally went to war and it was absolutely ludicrous. Check out this record-breaking finish below. It was terrifying.


Masvidal is a former streetfighter turned professional MMA fighter. The man is as brutal as they come. Meanwhile, Askren is one of MMA’s all-time great wrestlers. He’s been called one-dimensional, but when you’re as good as he is, it’s difficult to question. One of the biggest topics though was just how good his past opponents were.

Well, Masvidal sent out a message to the MMA world. As soon as the bell rang to start the fight, he charged forward and as Askren ducked to shoot, he shot forward with a flying knee. And that was it. The fastest KO in UFC history in just five seconds.

In truth, it was faster than that. Referee Jason Herzog couldn’t get across the cage in time to stop Masvidal smashing Askren with two hammer fists. ‘Funky’ was already out before he hit the floor. There was no compassion from the winner for his victim either as he pounded the canvas with glee, pointing at his downed opponent.

No Time

Masvidal’s post-fight interview had some gems in it. He made it clear that he didn’t want to say anything about Askren because he didn’t have anything nice to say and his mother told him not to be rude about anyone. But some of the highlight moments included:

“I really wanted to beat his ass for 14 minutes and 40 seconds but it didn’t happen.”

“That dude was talking wild man. I had to show him there are consequences.”

And when Joe Rogan asked him why he chose the flying knee, ‘Gamebred’ responded: ‘Cos he’s a bum.’

You’ve got to love it.


Masvidal definitely has to fancy his chances of getting a title shot in the near future. At 34-years-old, the Miami native is in the twilight years of his career, but in the truth, he’s never looked better. Beating Darren Till a man who had just come off a title shot was a statement in itself.

Now he’s just ended Ben Askren’s hopes of a UFC title shot. The brutality of that finish is going to be replayed for a long time to come. It’s easily the best KO of 2019 so far. Nothing else comes close. The title surge continues for ‘Gamebred.’

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