Absolutely Shameful Footage Has Emerged of Khabib Nurmagamedov Getting Homeless People to do Push-Ups in Front of Him For Cash… And Then Laughing…

Somehow Khabib Nurmagamedov has managed to turn Conor McGregor into the good guy in their upcoming fight at UFC 229. Ludicrous footage has emerged of him and his cousin paying homeless people to do press-ups in front of them for money. While they stand back and laugh.

Nurmagamedov is one of the most feared and respected fighters in MMA. He’s set to take on the Notorious on October 6, in the most anticipated MMA fight of the year. Conor McGregor was cast as the villain after dollygate in Brooklyn last April. A lot of UFC fans were hoping that the Irishman would be taught a lesson.

This video might change their minds. Totally being objective here, it has to be seen to be believed. How could a UFC champion, in the public eye, be so stupid?


In the video, Abubakar Nurmagamedov hands homeless people cash after telling them he’ll pay them to do push-ups on film. Meanwhile, Khabib records the whole sorry episode on his phone while standing back and laughing.

Anyone that says ‘Oh well he’s giving them money, it’s just good fun,” is an idiot. This isn’t how a UFC champion should behave. If he wanted to give them money, he should have just given them the money, it’s that simple. It’s pretty degrading all around.

It’s also malicious. There’s no good reason for this. McGregor’s incident was ludicrous, boneheaded and dangerous. But didn’t involve making a show out of people less fortunate. This is a terrible move by Nurmagamedov.



The worst part of this video isn’t the push-ups bit. It’s the fact that he’s standing back, laughing at people living in poverty that he’ll never have to experience with fight contracts, sponsorships and the backing of Russia behind him. It’s unfortunate, but his image is tarnished now.

There’s little doubt that this footage is set to go viral. The MMA community will react to this and you can expect a sudden surge in bets for their fight, favoring McGregor. He’s currently an underdog, and odds will shorten as punters back the Notorious.



At the time of writing there has been no reaction from the UFC. Therefore it can’t be determined whether or not he will face disciplinary action by the company – or at the very least get shouted at by Dana White. Fighters have faced consequences for their actions outside the Octagon before – particularly on social media.

In all likelihood, Khabib will get away with a warning to watch his future behavior. Afterall, he’s set to fight McGregor in the most lucrative MMA fight of all time. The UFC will do anything to get them in the cage together now that the deal is done.

All the same, this is not the sort of thing they will want to have to deal with in a couple of months before the two men finally clash. Dana White must be sick of putting out their fires. Well, this one has only just started to burn.

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