Two old men fighting with Cro Cop as referee? I’m in…

Ageing martial arts legend Mirko Cro Cop finally decided to hang up the gloves this year. After 21 years of fighting professionally in MMA and kickboxing, Filipovic leaves combat sports as a legitimate legend.

Contrary to how careers usually run, Cro Cop actually won more titles in his last years of competing than in his prime. Defeating three men in two nights at the close of 2016, Cro Cop won the Rizin FF 2016 Grand Prix.

Tough Competition

Although his second opponent at Rizin was a bit of a slouch, Amir Aliakbari and King Mo certainly are not. After leaving the UFC, Cro Cop also won the K-1 2012 Grand Prix by defeating three men in one night.

Having also served in the Croatian special forces, it’s fair to say that Mirko is not a guy to trifle with.

Backyard Brawl Video Below

Known for his wise cracking sense of humor and love for pranks, it’s no surprise that Cro Cop goes viral for more than just his fights. Fans will remember he once pranked the sh*t out of Pride commentator Mauro Ranello.

But who knew Cro Cop liked to put on backyard fights? Well, he did in the past, and it ended with a rather harrowing one-punch knockout.

Watch as Cro Cop referees a couple of old dudes beating the snot out of each other:

YouTube video

Knocked The Fudge Out

Wow, did not see that one coming. Now that he’s retired, Mirko Cro Cop will have a lot more time on his hands. Who knows what kind of comical madness we’ll see from him in the future.

For now, just appreciate what a great fighter he was, as guys like Cro Cop are few and far between in the modern game. Right kick hospital, left kick cemetery!

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