A Horrific Incident Went Down in Moscow After a Russian MMA Fighter’s Father Was Allegedly Killed by Three Members of City’s Police Force… An Investigation is Under Way…

There are a lot of stereotypes about Russia, but most of the people who live there are just like anywhere else. They want to go about their lives and will treat you with the same respect as you treat them. Unfortunately, it is still a corrupt society in some ways, especially when the police start getting involved.

In many regions, it’s possible to bribe and control the police if you have money. Many gangs work in affiliation with corrupt police officers who give the good ones a bad reputation and make people afraid to deal with the authorities in any way.

A horrific story has broken about three police savagely beating a man to death in Moscow. Check out the footage below of the horrendous attack that resulted in the untimely death of Sulli Yunusilau

Terrible Attack

Sulli Yunusilau is the father of Fight Nights Global fighter Magomed Yunusilau. According to Sherdog he is currently riding a 6 fight unbeaten professional record and is seen as one for the future. However, now the featherweight fighter must deal with the tragic death of his father, who was allegedly killed after an assault by three police officers.

Moscow police issued a statement that the officers have been suspended pending an investigation after attacking the 47-year-old,

“on suspicion of inflicting grievous bodily harm on a man born in the year 1973. Currently, the police officers have been suspended from duty.”

Screenshot: Twitter.

Fatal Attack

Obviously, this is a horrible incident. There is no confirmation as of yet whether or not Yunusilau had any links or affiliations to any criminal organization or whether or not this was just a random attack.

A representative of the regional directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee told TASS.com:

”The Orekhovo-Zuevo investigative department of the Main Investigative Directorate for the Moscow Region has initiated criminal proceedings in relation to three police officers suspected of committing crimes under Article 111 Part 3 (“Causing intentional bodily harm”) and Article 286 Part 3 (“Abuse of authority with the use of violence”) of the Russian Criminal Code.”

Darren Till. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


While this is a terrible incident in isolation, it’s worth noting that many MMA fighters come from tough circumstances that often bring them into contact with unsavoury types. One of the most famous examples is Conor McGregor who infamously had a bounty put on his head by a high-ranking member of one of the two biggest drug gangs in Ireland.

Former welterweight title contender Darren Till was also involved in a near-fatal incident early in his career, when he was stabbed, missing death by mere millimetres. This resulted in him moving to Brazil to stabilise his career and ensure his safety.

Where there’s wealth there are people out there who are more than happy to try and extort that money from you. It’s hard to leave home behind as so many fighters have found out to their cost.

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