Where were you for UFC 202? If the answer is not glued to the TV screen or in Las Vegas watching live, you missed out. Don’t sweat it though, there’s some high-quality fight footage buried in this post.

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are the fighters everyone is talking about right now. After their stunning performance in the UFC 202 main event, it’s no wonder. The two battle-hardened veterans beat the snot out of each other for a full 25 minutes.

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Five Rounds of War

Everyone had hoped for a thrilling second fight between McGregor and Diaz. Their first UFC 196 brawl ended when Diaz choked out a visibly exhausted McGregor. This time around the Irishman’s gas tank held up well.

McGregor was able to implement a game plan against the taller Diaz. This was something ‘The Notorious’ failed to do in their first meeting. The judges scored the fight by majority decision for McGregor.


Rivalry Over?

Neither man was willing to back down, but is their rivalry over? The Irishman and his Californian opposite were still talking smack throughout the UFC 202 main event, but not everyone saw it.

Leaked footage now shows the extent of Nate Diaz abusing Conor McGregor’s corner…

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Nate Diaz Keeping it Gangster

You may remember footage from UFC 196 where Nate Diaz’s corner was abusing Conor McGregor. This time around Diaz himself gives some to McGregor’s corner during a heated moment.

We can’t quite make out what is said by Diaz, but after shouting something at John Kavanagh he also flips him off.


Diaz may have lost, but he continues to win in terms of popularity. Here’s another look at some of the knockdowns McGregor scored in his close bu hard earned decision victory:

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Do you think Conor McGregor did enough to win, or maybe Diaz deserved this victory on the scorecards? Moreover, should these two fight again in an immediate rematch?

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