Well that’s the end of all that, and in pretty one-sided fashion too…

For months now we’ve been hearing all about Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. The supposed super-fight was all everyone has been discussing. During a lull in mixed martial arts, McGregor and Mayweather took center stage.

World tour chaos, multiple press conferences, and social media bombardment surrounded this fight. Yet there was an undertone that we were all being taken for a ride. After all, McGregor is not a boxer and Floyd, well he’s up there with the all-time greats.

What would happen when 49-0 met 0-0 in the boxing ring?

Conor McGregor had been looking for the uppercut throughout the fight, but it didn’t really land…Photo Credit: The Guardian


As many expected, it was Mayweather’s night. Typically of ‘Money,’ he started off a little slow, as McGregor was able to claim the first few rounds. Once it got into deep waters, it was clear who was the boxer.

McGregor started to visibly slow, his power faded and Mayweather smelled an opportunity. Eventually swarming his exhausted opponent, ‘Money’ got the job done in round 10.

Watch the fight video below:

However you look at it, you have to give McGregor respect for jumping in the ring. For all intents and purposes, he is a rank amateur facing off against the best in modern boxing. He did win rounds, but was it the plan from Mayweather that allowed it?

McGregor’s boxing career did not get off to the greatest start then, but can it continue? As Mayweather undoubtedly saunters off in to the sunset an even richer man, McGregor’s boxing career could already have a next fight booked.

He may have lost, but dammit Conor McGregor’s bank account is MASSIVE…

Paulie Predicted Conor McGregor Would Fade in Deep Waters

Bring your balls Saturday pussy! Remember what I said at the gym. We got f*cking security acting like I’m a fan or something. He said I talked out of my contract. All that came out after those pictures.”

“I was trying to get (his manager’s attention), he was trying to talk about that I talked out of my contract. It started out with that picture with him holding his hands behind his back. How you gonna have an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and then post all those pictures.”

“I told him in the gym, he has no balls. Every time it gets into deep water he shows he has no balls. How are you going to take the fight to the ground against a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu like Nate Diaz?”

“You stand up and you take your punishment. You may not land that big shot, but you take that punishment. He has no balls. He’s going to fold again on Saturday. Here’s what you have to keep in mind, they got all these different cameras, I’m asking (the UFC) don’t change the angles. Just one camera angle, release the whole 12 rounds.”

“When you start seeing camera angle switches you’ll know you are being messed with. He has no balls, he knows what I’m talking about. We had a proper conversation, we talked during sparring. He forgets his balls for these big fights.”

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